Optimize your infrastructure usage with Container Profiles and Enforced Resource Allocation

We are excited to announce that Container Profiles and Enforced Resource Allocation are now generally available on Aptible. By default, new Dedicated Stacks and all Shared Stacks have Enforced Resource Allocation enabled—meaning CPU Limits and Memory Limits are enabled and enforced for each container.


The new Container Profiles can be found under the Scale menu of your Aptible dashboard, for stacks with Enforced Resource Allocation enabled.

These improvements include new Container Profiles with different CPU to RAM ratios and a range of supported Container sizes, helping you to optimize your costs for different applications. The three types of Container Profiles currently available are as follows:

  • General Purpose: The default Container Profile, which works well for most use cases.
  • CPU Optimized: For CPU-constrained workloads, this profile provides high-performance CPUs and more CPU per GB of RAM.
  • Memory Optimized: For memory-constrained workloads, this profile provides more RAM for each CPU allocated to the container.

Aptible strongly recommends enabling Enforced Resource Allocation on existing Dedicated Stacks which don't currently enforce CPU Limits. Check out our FAQ on CPU Limits for more information about Enforced Resource Allocation!