Improve security posture and efficiently pass audits with new Compliance Visibility Dashboard

Over the years, the Aptible product teams have learned that a vast number of teams would benefit from not just having greater visibility into the security safeguards Aptible has in place across different aspects of the infrastructure, but also get insights to understand what they need to do to further improve their posture to reach a compliance goal.

To help with this, we’re excited to be announcing the newest Aptible feature - the Compliance Visibility Dashboard!

The Compliance Visibility Dashboard provides a unified view of all the technical security controls in place that Aptible fully enforces and manages on your behalf, as well as security configurations you have controls over in the platform.

Think of security controls as safeguards implemented to protect various forms of data and infrastructure, important both for compliance satisfaction as well as best-practice security.

Compliance Visibility Dashboard Video ThumbnailCompliance Visibility Dashboard Video Thumbnail
Video explaining how the Dashboard works.

With this feature, you can not only see in detail the many infrastructure security controls Aptible automatically enforces on you behalf, but also get actionable recommendations around safeguards you can configure on the platform (for example, enabling cross-region backup creation) to improve you overall security posture and accelerate compliance with frameworks like HIPAA and HITRUST. Apart from being visualized in the main Aptible Dashboard, these controls along with their descriptions can be exported as a print-friendly PDF for sharing externally with prospects and auditors to gain their trust and confidence faster.

You can access the Compliance Visibility Dashboard by clicking on the Security & Compliance tab in the navigation bar.

Here’s documentation to learn more about using the Dashboard in greater detail.