Increased Scaling Sizes within the Dashboard, New Renaming Commands & Improved Terraform Error Messages

Increased Scaling Sizes within the Aptible Dashboard
We've updated the Aptible Dashboard, so all supported Disk and Container sizes are available for scaling. Previously, the Aptible CLI supported more scaling sizes than the Aptible Dashboard.


Please note that each Container Profile comes with a unique set of supported Container sizes.

New Renaming Commands
You can now rename apps, databases, and environments via the Aptible CLI using these new commands:

Previously, this could only be done by the Aptible Support team.

Improved Terraform Error Messages
The Aptible Terraform provider will now return more informative error messages from the server (for example, validation errors or other informative errors the Aptible backend may return) with a status code and message. Previously, errors were unclear by pointers returned by the client, making it impossible to read the backend errors themselves with no status code or message.