Easily modify databases without disruption with new CLI command: ‘aptible db:modify’

We are very excited to introduce a new command for the Aptible CLI : aptible db:modify. This command lets you make modifications to your databases without requiring any restarts.

Currently, the modifications we support are related to your database’s Disk IO performance.

An example of this is moving your database volumes to gp3. You can update your existing gp2 volumes to gp3, which provides a predictable 3,000 IOPS in baseline performance, with the added ability to provision performance independent of storage capacity. Moving to gp3 volumes should result in sizable performance improvements to sustained disk IO for most databases.

aptible db:modify $DB_HANDLE --volume-type gp3
aptible db:modify $DB_HANDLE --iops 9000
aptible db:modify $DB_HANDLE --volume-type gp3 --iops 9000

Note: Additional database disk I/O operations per second provisioned over the baseline (3000 IOPS) is priced at $0.01/Provisioned IO/Month. See our pricing page to calculate your costs based on your IOPS needs.

You can also specify the volume type and IOPS in other commands as well. For example If you want to convert a volume type and size in just one operation, you can do so in a single db: restart command:

aptible db:restart $DB_HANDLE --disk-size 200 --volume-type gp3

Head on over to the download page to grab version 0.18.1 of the Aptible CLI and use these new options today: