UX improvements when scaling Services and setting up Log Drains

We've added small improvements to the end user experience when setting up Log Drains, and when scaling Services.

Scaling Services

Clicking Scale in a Service now shows a "drawer" with options shown to horizontally or vertically scale your services. The Metrics tab in the drawer allows you to quickly navigate to Container Service metrics to make better informed scaling decisions.


Outside of the drawer experience, the key change is the ability to vertically scale your services to every possible size right up to the instance's maximum allowed limit in the UI. Previously, scaling beyond 7 GB this was only possible through the CLI. In addition, we've made it possible for you to see the CPU share per container based on the enforcements of CPU limits for better predictability in performance.

Setting up Log Drains

While the experience to set up Log Drains is still the same, minor improvements where made to the overall visual design.