Improved security and navigation in the Deploy Dashboard

The Deploy Dashboard has been updated to improve its security and the clarity of its navigation. These updates should not impact the majority of our users' daily workflows. For those impacted, we hope these changes will lead to an improved experience.


Universally resolvable Database Credential hostnames

Aptible Deploy now uses A record entries in public DNS for new Database Credential hostnames, enabling customers with connectivity into their Deploy environment to resolve the hostname from outside. The DNS record will directly return the private IP address of the database inside their Deploy environment. This change will not affect the vast majority of our customers' operations and does not impact public Endpoints at all.


Self-service database replication

The latest version of the Aptible CLI (version 0.16.3) now supports creating replicas or replica sets for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB databases.


New Log Drains for LogDNA will use HTTPS delivery

For reliability purposes, LogDNA has added support for receiving your logs via HTTPS, instead of Syslog, from Enclave Log Drains. Aptible recommends all Enclave customers to make the switch to HTTPS delivery.

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