Additional Database Version Support & Improved Deploy Times

Additional Database Version Support
We have released support for additional Redis and Postgres versions. Aptible Deploy is now compatible with Redis 6 and 7 and Postgres 9.6.24, 10.21, 11.16, 12.11, 13.7, and 14.4.


Secure Access for Users on Aptible With SSO

We are thrilled to announce that Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available on all Aptible infrastructure at no additional cost. Formerly, this was only available to Enterprise customers.


UX improvements when scaling Services and setting up Log Drains

We've added small improvements to the end user experience when setting up Log Drains, and when scaling Services.


Build Docker images faster and increase DevOps productivity with multi-stage builds

Docker images are an essential component for building containers because they serve as the base of a container. Dockerfiles – lists of instructions that are automatically executed - are written to create specific Docker images. Avoiding large images speeds up the build and deployment of containers, thus contributing positively to your DevOps performance metrics.


Changes to Managed TLS certificate chains in response to Let's Encrypt root certificate expiration



This change only affects Endpoints using Managed TLS.


Improve security posture and efficiently pass audits with new Compliance Visibility Dashboard

Over the years, the Aptible product teams have learned that a vast number of teams would benefit from not just having greater visibility into the security safeguards Aptible has in place across different aspects of the infrastructure, but also get insights to understand what they need to do to further improve their posture to reach a compliance goal.


Users with Read-Only access can no longer see Database credentials

Broadly speaking, two levels of access can be granted to Users through Aptible Roles on a per-Environments basis


Manage Log and Metrics Drains, and modify Database Endpoints through the CLI with latest updates

We've released the newest version of the Aptible CLI - v0.19.1 that adds more command line functionality to help you better automate management of Log Drains, Metric Drains and Database Endpoints.


Quickly see who triggered a backup through the Aptible dashboard and CLI

Aptible Deploy has always allowed developers to trigger a backup, something we call a manual backup.

Log drain improvements for high-performant, reliable delivery to external destinations

Aptible Deploy comes with built-in support for easily aggregating your container, SSH session and HTTP(S) endpoint logs and routing them to your destinations of choice for record-keeping and future analysis, be it in popular external destinations like Datadog, SumoLogic and PaperTrail, or to a self-hosted Elasticsearch database.