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How do I install private Ruby / Node / ... dependencies for my app?


Often, an app may have private dependencies (e.g., Ruby gems or Node packages) that must be downloaded and installed at runtime. We recommend hosting these private dependencies on GitHub and downloading them via GitHub "personal access tokens."

To create a personal access token, first log in to GitHub as a user with access to the repo(s) hosting the private dependencies your app requires. (Ideally, this should be a "robot user" with privileges restricted to read-only access, and only for the required repos.)

Then, navigate to the Personal Access Tokens page, and create a token with repo scope. Now, let's say that your newly-generated token is


To reference a Ruby gem dependency using this token, you'd add an entry like the following to your Gemfile. For the example, we've assumed that the gem is named mygem, and hosted on GitHub as myorg/mygem:

gem 'mygem', git: 'https://[email protected]/myorg/mygem.git'

To reference a Node (NPM) package using this token, you'd an entry like the following to your package.json. For the example, we've assumed that the package is named mypkg, and hosted on GitHub as myorg/mypkg:

  "mypkg": "git+https://988881adc9fc3655077dc2d4d757d480b5ea0e11:[email protected]/myorg/mypkg.git"

Finally, note that you can also leverage Direct Docker Image Deploy, and inject private dependencies in your Docker build context as you see fit.