HITRUST-CSF Readiness Score

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) Certification is a compliance framework based on ISO/IEC 27001 and integrates HIPAA, HITECH, and a variety of other state, local, and industry frameworks and best practices This certification is awarded when an independent assessor finds that an organization has achieved certain maturity levels on implementation all of the required HITRUST CSF controls.

HITRUST CSF is unique in the sense that it allows customers to inherit security controls from infrastructure they host their resources on, if the infrastructure provider is also HITRUST CSF certified, enabling you to save time and resources when. Aptible is HITRUST certified, meaning you can inherit up to 30% of security controls implemented and managed by Aptible completely, or up to 50% of partial control inheritance.


The Aptible Security & Compliance Dashboard provides a HITRUST readiness score based on controls required for meeting the standards of HITRUST CSF regulation. The HITRUST score tells you what percentage of infrastructure controls have been implemented successfully in order to meet relevant HITRUST guidelines.