Domain Apex Redirect

The general idea behind setting up a redirection is to sidestep your domain apex entirely, and redirect your users transparently to a subdomain, from which you will be able to create a CNAME to an Aptible Endpoint Hostname.

Most customers often choose to use a subdomain such as www or app for this purpose.

To set up a redirection from your domain apex to a subdomain, we very strongly recommend using a combination of AWS S3, AWS CloudFront, and AWS Certificate Manager. Using these three services, you can set up a redirection that requires absolutely no maintenance going forward and is easy to set up.

To make things easier for you, Aptible provides detailed instructions to set this up, including an CloudFormation template that will automate all the heavy lifting for you.

To use this template, review the instructions here: How do I set up an apex redirect using Amazon AWS.