Quickly see who triggered a backup through the Aptible dashboard and CLI

Aptible Deploy has always allowed developers to trigger a backup, something we call a manual backup.

Log drain improvements for high-performant, reliable delivery to external destinations

Aptible Deploy comes with built-in support for easily aggregating your container, SSH session and HTTP(S) endpoint logs and routing them to your destinations of choice for record-keeping and future analysis, be it in popular external destinations like Datadog, SumoLogic and PaperTrail, or to a self-hosted Elasticsearch database.


Easily modify databases without disruption with new CLI command: ‘aptible db:modify’

We are very excited to introduce a new command for the Aptible CLI : aptible db:modify. This command lets you make modifications to your databases without requiring any restarts.

Differentiate between automated and manual backups in the UI and CLI

We understand that reviewing your backups regularly is essential for business continuity planning and optimizing your infrastructure spend.


New default volume type for databases

All new Aptible Deploy databases created today - either newly provisioned or restored from backup - will default to using gp3 volumes. This new volume type provides a baseline IOPS performance of 3,000 IOPS without regard for disk size. For most databases, this will be a large improvement on existing performance. However, some larger databases (bigger than 1 TB) may require more IOPS. If you would like to provision more than 3000 IOPS, reach out to [email protected] and we can help you with this - up to 16,000 IOPS.


Elasticsearch 7 now supported on Deploy

Aptible has released support for version 7 of the Elasticsearch Database type. This major version includes:


Improved scheduling and resiliency for application containers

Deploy’s application scheduler can now automatically provision additional host capacity if it detects that placing the application’s containers on existing hosts may overly tax the existing resources or concentrate the containers on a single host or availability zone. The effect of this change will be to improve the performance and reliability of applications at no additional cost to our users.


Terraform Provider published

Our terraform provider has been published on the Terraform Registry. Please see https://registry.terraform.io/providers/aptible/aptible for installation instructions.


Improved security and navigation in the Deploy Dashboard

The Deploy Dashboard has been updated to improve its security and the clarity of its navigation. These updates should not impact the majority of our users' daily workflows. For those impacted, we hope these changes will lead to an improved experience.


Universally resolvable Database Credential hostnames

Aptible Deploy now uses A record entries in public DNS for new Database Credential hostnames, enabling customers with connectivity into their Deploy environment to resolve the hostname from outside. The DNS record will directly return the private IP address of the database inside their Deploy environment. This change will not affect the vast majority of our customers' operations and does not impact public Endpoints at all.