Aptible Deploy

Introduction to Apps

Apps are how you deploy your code on Aptible Deploy. Eventually, your Apps are deployed as one or more Containers.

Fundamentally, here's how Aptible Deploy works:

You provide a set of inputs:

  • An Image This is a Docker image that will be used to run your app. There are two ways to provide it: Direct Docker Image Deploy and Dockerfile Deploy.
  • Optionally, a list of Services. Services are metadata that tell Aptible Deploy how many containers it should be running for your app, and what they should be doing.
  • Optionally, a Configuration. The configuration is a set of keys and values that will be securely passed to your containers as environment variables. This is useful for e.g. secrets.

Then, in return, Aptible Deploy deploys your app Containers across a fleet of instances (these instances form your Stack).

Once your app is deployed, you can set up Logging to access its logs, or add an Endpoint to expose your app to the Internet (or to an internal network).

️ Warning

Apps have a handle that uniquely identifies it within your Account. That handle cannot start with "internal-" because applications with that prefix cannot have Endpoints allocated due to an AWS limitation.

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Introduction to Apps

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