Aptible Knowledge Base

Welcome to the Aptible knowledge base! Aptible is a Docker-based Platform-as-a-Service that helps you go from code to cloud without ever worrying about infrastructure security or compliance. Find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Aptible as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Welcome to Aptible

New to Aptible? Kick off the Aptible journey with our Get Started guide. This guide covers the first steps users can take to get their teams set up and acquainted with the Aptible platform.

Next, consult our Setup Guide for core considerations and recommendations to keep in mind while making important decisions about the setup, operation and monitoring of the resources on Aptible.

After the core setup, consult our Best Practices Guide to identify opportunities to tie it all together and maximize the security, reliability and availability of the resources deployed on the Aptible platform.


The Aptible Community is a space where users & employees - past, present & future - can come together to ask questions, discuss unique use cases, share knowledge and learn together. We also plan to use the community to hold discussions and gather feedback on our top problem and solution areas as we actively conduct discovery.


See what has changed with Aptible in our Changelog. Follow along for updates to existing Aptible functionality and information on new features.

Contact Support

Some questions are best handled through our support ticketing system. If you have an issue that is time-sensitive or that requires an investigation specific to your application, open a ticket with our Support team. Please review our Support Plans and Support Policy for more information on how Support works.