Database Backups

Backup Schedule

Aptible backs up your Databases automatically every 24 hours. Deploy also creates a final backup of a database when the database is deprovisioned if the retention policy for the environment in which the database resides has KEEP FINAL BACKUP enabled. You can also manually create Backups yourself using the aptible db:backup command, or via the Dashboard.

Restoring from a Backup

You can restore from a Backup using the aptible backup:restore command.



Restoring a Backup creates a new Database from the backed up data. It does not replace or modify the Database the Backup was originally created from in any way.



Databases Backups are stored as EBS Snapshots. As such, Databases restored from a Backup will initially have degraded disk performance as described in the Restoring from an Amazon EBS snapshot documentation. If you are using a restored Database for performance testing, the performance test should be run twice: once to ensure all of the required data has been synced to disk and the second time to get an accurate result.

Disk initialization time can be minimized by restoring the backup in the same region that the Database is being restored to. Generally this means the original Backup should be restored, not a copy.


Aptible Backups can be copied to 2 geographically redundant regions for disaster recovery purposes. For example, if your Database is deployed on the US East coast, then Backups will be copied to the US West Coast. The region a Backup is stored in does not dictate or limit where it can be recovered.

This redundancy functionality is enabled by default, although it can be disabled for all Databases in an Environment by modifying the Backup Retention Policy for that Environment.



Data processing and storage is guaranteed to occur only within the US for US Stacks, and is guaranteed to occur only in the EU for EU Stacks.

See Dedicated Stacks and Regions for more information on Stack placement.

The exact mapping of each Database's region, and the possible destination regions for the Backup copy is below:

Originating regionDestination region(s)
us-east-1us-west-1, us-west-2
us-east-2us-west-1, us-west-2
ap-southeast-1ap-northeast-2, ap-southeast-2



If your regulatory concerns prohibit storing a Backup copy in the destination region listed above, you can update your Backup Retention Policy to disabled this feature for each of your Environments.


Backups are taken as volume snapshots of the already encrypted data volume, so the encryption key and algorithm in use for Database Encryption apply to all Backups of a given Database.

Retention and Disposal

The retention period for automated Backups is determined by the Backup Retention Policy for the Environment in which the Database resides. The configuration options for Backups Retention Policies are:

  • DAILY BACKUPS RETAINED: Number of daily Backups to keep
  • MONTHLY BACKUPS RETAINED: Number of months a single backup for that month should be retained
  • COPY BACKUPS TO ANOTHER REGION: Whether or not a geographically redundant copy of each Backup should be created for disaster recovery purposes
  • KEEP FINAL BACKUP: Whether or not the final Backup of a Database is retained after the Database is deprovisioned



We recommend always leaving KEEP FINAL BACKUP enabled for your production Environments. When you deprovision a Database, all automated Backups for the Database are purged unless you have KEEP FINAL BACKUP set to true, in which we retain the final Backup (and copy, if applicable). You can always manually purge the final Backup using aptible backup:purge or via the Dashboard once you are certain the Backup is no longer needed.

If an Environment has no custom Backup Retention Policy, Backups are retained daily for 90 days, and monthly for 6 years, with cross-region redundancy and retention of the final Backup for deprovisioned databases also enabled by default.

Any manually created Backups, for example, Backups created via aptible db:backup, are retained indefinitely until they are manually purged either via the Dashboard or via the aptible backup:purge CLI command. Any automated Backup not matching the Backup Retention Policy are securely destroyed automatically.

When your account is closed, your database Backups will be permanently purged. You are responsible for exporting your Aptible data before your account is closed.

If you need to restore a Backup of a deprovisioned database, or if you have special retention needs (such as for a litigation hold), please contact Aptible Support.

Please see the Aptible Security Policy for more information on other data Aptible backs up.