Network Integrations

For Dedicated Stacks, you can connect your existing network to your Aptible dedicated VPC.

This lets you access internal Aptible resources such as Internal Endpoints and Databases from your own network.

VPC Peering

If you are using AWS, you can peer an existing VPC you control with your Aptible Dedicated Stack's VPC.

To set up VPC Peering, contact Aptible Support.

Site-to-site VPN Tunnels



Road-warrior VPNs are not supported on Aptible.

If you need to provide road-warrior users with VPN access to your Aptible resources, you should to set up a VPN gateway on your own network and have users connect there, then create a site-to-site VPN tunnel between your network and your Aptible Dedicated Stack.

To set up a site-to-site VPN tunnel, please provide the following information when you contact Aptible Support with your tunnel setup request:

  • What resources on the Aptible Stack need to be exposed over the tunnel? Aptible can expose:
    • Individual resources. Please share the hostname of the Internal Endpoints ( and names of the Databases that need to be made accessible over the tunnel.
    • The entire Stack. This is only recommended if users own the network Aptible is integrating with.
    • No resources. This is for users who need to access resources on the other end of the tunnel without exposing Aptible-side resources.
  • Is outbound access from the Stack to the resources that will be exposed on the other end of the tunnel required?

Aptible Support will follow-up with a VPN Implementation Worksheet that can be shared with the tunnel partner.


By integrating Aptible with Twingate, you can provide your Aptible users with secure and controlled access to Aptible resources without needing a VPN. Learn more about integrating with Twingate here.


By integrating Aptible with Sym, you can provide your Aptible users with temporary access to Aptible resources, with a full audit record of every access decision and escalation. Learn more about integrating with Sym here.