Dockerfile Deploy

A Dockerfile deploy is the easiest way to get up and running on Aptible if you're migrating over from another Platform-as-a-Service product, or if your team isn't using Docker yet.

The workflow for Dockerfile Deploy is as follows:

  1. You add a Dockerfile at the root of your code repository, and commit it.
  2. You use git push to push your code repository to a Git Remote provided by Aptible.
  3. Aptible builds a new Image from your Dockerfile, then starts new Containers for your App using the newly-built image.

If you'd like to experiment with Dockerfile Deploy, but don't have a suitable git repository handy, check out this Dockerfile Deploy Example.



Only pushing the the master branch of the Aptible Git Remote will trigger to a deploy. If you push to a different branch, you can manually deploy the branch using the aptible deploy --git-commitish $BRANCH_NAME CLI command. This can be used to synchronize code and configuration changes.



If SSO is enabled for your Aptible organization, attempts to use the git remote will return an App not found or not accessible error. Users will need to be added to the allowlist to access your Organization's resources via git.

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