Dockerfile Deploy

A Dockerfile deploy is the easiest way to get up and running on Aptible if you're migrating over from another Platform-as-a-Service product, or if your team isn't using Docker yet.

The workflow for Dockerfile Deploy is as follows:

  1. You add a Dockerfile at the root of your code repository, and commit it.
  2. You use git push to push your code repository to a Git Remote provided by Aptible.
  3. Aptible builds a new Image from your Dockerfile, then starts new Containers for your App using the newly-build image.

If you'd like to experiment with Dockerfile Deploy, but don't have a suitable git repository handy, check out this Dockerfile Deploy Example.



Only pushing the the master branch of the Aptible Git Remote will trigger to a deploy. If you push to a different branch, you can manually deploy the brannch using the aptible deploy --git-commitish $BRANCH_NAME CLI command. This can be used to synchronize code and configuration changes.

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