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aptible config:set

This command is used to set Configuration variables for an app.


Setting variables

aptible config:set --app "$APP_HANDLE" \
        VARIABLE_1=VALUE_1 \

Setting a variable from a file



Setting variables from a file is a convenient way to set complex variables that contain spaces, newlines, or other special characters.

# This will read file.txt and set it as VARIABLE

aptible config:set --app "$APP_HANDLE" \
        "VARIABLE=$(cat file.txt)"

️ Warning

When setting variables form a file using PowerShell, you need to use Get-Content with the -Raw option to preserve new lines.

aptible config:set --app "$APP_HANDLE" \
        VARIABLE=$(Get-Content file.txt -Raw)

Deleting variables

To delete a variable, set it to an empty value:

aptible config:set --app "$APP_HANDLE" \


  aptible config:set [VAR1=VAL1] [VAR2=VAL2] [...]

  -r, [--remote=REMOTE]

Add an ENV variable to an app

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aptible config:set

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