Aptible Deploy

aptible deploy

The aptible deploy command is used to trigger Direct Docker Image Deploy, and for Synchronizing Configuration and code changes.


  aptible deploy [OPTIONS] [VAR1=VAL1] [VAR2=VAL2] [...]

      [--git-commitish=GIT_COMMITISH]                                  # Deploy a specific git commit or branch: the commitish must have been pushed to Aptible beforehand
      [--git-detach], [--no-git-detach]                                # Detach this app from its git repository: its Procfile, Dockerfile, and .aptible.yml will be ignored until you deploy again with git
      [--docker-image=APTIBLE_DOCKER_IMAGE]                            # Shorthand for APTIBLE_DOCKER_IMAGE=...
      [--private-registry-email=APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_EMAIL]        # Shorthand for APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_EMAIL=...
      [--private-registry-username=APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_USERNAME]  # Shorthand for APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_USERNAME=...
      [--private-registry-password=APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_PASSWORD]  # Shorthand for APTIBLE_PRIVATE_REGISTRY_PASSWORD=...
  -r, [--remote=REMOTE]

Deploy an app

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aptible deploy

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