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Database Credentials

When you provision a Database on Aptible Deploy, you'll be provided with a set of Database Credentials.

Accessing Database Credentials

Database Credentials are available in the Dashboard. Click Reveal to show them.

Using Database Credentials

Database Credentials are presented as connection URLs. A large number of libraries can use those directly, but you can always break down the URL in components.

The structure is:

protocol://username:[email protected]:port/name
═══╦════   ═══╦════ ═══╦════ ═╦══ ═╦══ ═╦══
   ║          ║        ║      ║    ║    ╚╡► Database-dependent
   ║          ║        ║      ║    ╚═════╡► Port number
   ║          ║        ║      ╚══════════╡► Hostname
   ║          ║        ╚═════════════════╡► Password
   ║          ╚══════════════════════════╡► Username
   ╚═════════════════════════════════════╡► Database-dependent

Note that certain Supported Databases provide multiple credentials. For more information about those, review our database-specific documentation.

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Database Credentials

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