Outbound IP Addresses

Some partners or vendors you work with may use a whitelist, requiring you to provide them with your app's outbound IP address. This article contains information about what that IP is, how it might change, and how you can determine it.


Each Stack has a single NAT gateway.

All requests originating from your app will use that NAT's IP address. This is different from the IPs associated with your app's Endpoints, which are used for inbound requests.

Your outbound IP address may change for the following reasons:

  1. If Aptible migrates your Environment to a new Stack.
  2. If there is a failure of the underlying NAT instance.

In either case, the new IP address will be taken from a pool of pre-defined IP addresses associated with your NAT gateway. This set will not change.

Determining an app's outbound IP address

In the Aptible Dashboard, note the environment your app resides in.

Then, navigate to your Organization Settings (click on your name and then Settings under your user), and open the Environments tab.

The IP addresses that make up your stack IP pool are listed there, for each of your Environments.