Shared vs. Dedicated Stacks

Aptible Stacks come in two flavors:

Shared Stacks



Do not use Shared Stacks to host sensitive or regulated data.

Shared Stacks are shared across a number of customers. They are meant for dev, test and staging Environments.

Dedicated Stacks

Dedicated Stacks are meant for production Environments, are dedicated to a single customer, and provide four major benefits:

  • Tenancy - Not only are Dedicated Stacks isolated from other Deploy customers, you can use multiple Dedicated Stacks to architect the isolation you require within your own organization.
  • Availability - Aptible's Service Level Agreement applies only to Environments hosted on a Dedicated Stack.
  • Regulatory - Aptible will sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement or GDPR Data Protection Agreement to cover information processing in Environments hosted on a Dedicated Stack.
  • Connectivity - Integrations, such as VPN and VPC Peering connections, are available only to Dedicated Stacks.

When the need arises for your first Dedicated Stack, simply create a new Environment from the Deploy Dashboard, and choose the "Dedicated Tenancy" option. Aptible will reach out to be sure any applicable data protection agreements are signed, and provision the Stack for you.

If you would like to provision multiple Dedicated Stacks, please contact Aptible Support.

Please see our Pricing Page for the latest information about Dedicated Stack fees.



Dedicated Stacks are historically known as "PHI-Ready" Stacks.

Geographical Placement

Shared Stacks are available in several popular regions. Dedicated Stacks can be provisioned in any supported AWS Regions.

Considerations for placement would include optimizing for latency of users located in a specific geographic region, regulatory concerns regarding personal information of users, or the geographical location of other compute resources you intend to utilize in conjunction with Aptible.