Syslog Log Drains

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When sending logs to a third-party provider, make sure your logs don't include sensitive or regulated information, or that you have the proper agreement in place with your provider.

Aptible Deploy can deliver your logs via Syslog to a destination of your choice. This option makes it easy to use third-party providers such as Logentries or Papertrail with Aptible Deploy.



For step-by-step instructions on setting up logging to Papertrail, review this tutorial: Setting up logging to Papertrail.


Syslog Log Drains exclusively support TCP + TLS as the transport. This means you cannot deliver your logs over unencrypted and insecure channels, such as UDP or plaintext TCP.

Logging Tokens

Syslog Log Drains let you inject a prefix in all your log lines. This is useful with providers such as Logentries, which require a logging token to associate the logs you send with your account.

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