Cancel My Account

To cancel your Deploy account and avoid any future charges, please follow these steps in order:

  1. Export any Database data that you need

  2. Delete Metric Drains

  3. Deprovision your Apps from the dashboard or with the aptible apps:deprovision CLI command.

    • Deprovisioning an App automatically deprovisions all of its Endpoints as well.
  4. Deprovision your Databases from the Dashboard or with the aptible db:deprovision CLI command.

    • Monthly and daily backups are automatically purged when the Database is deprovisioned.
  5. Delete Database Backups

    • Use the purge all on page option to delete the final backups for your Databases.



    Please note Aptible will no longer have a copy of your data when you purge your backups. Please create your own backup if you need to retain a copy of the data.

  6. Delete Log Drains

    • Log Drains for an Environment can be managed by navigating to the Environment's Log Drains tab in the Dashboard. From here, Log Drains can be deleted.
  7. Deprovision the Environment from the Dashboard. This can only be done once all of the resources in the Environment have been deprovisioned. If you have not deleted all resources, you will see a message advising you to delete any remaining resources before you can successfully deprovision the Environment.

  8. Submit a Support request to deprovision your Dedicated Stack and, if applicable, to remove Premium or Enterprise Support. If this step is not complete, you will continue to incur charges until the dedicated stack and paid support is removed from your account. This step can only be completed by Aptible Support but must be requested by your team.



Please note you will likely receive one more invoice after deprovisioning for usage from the last invoice to the time of deprovisioning.